How to increase penis size: modern methods and means

Small penis size is a significant problem for men

The male genitalia is usually a source of pride, a true friend and ally, but only if you are lucky with size and shape. And, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky, so what about those who are unlucky? Try to get along or look for ways to solve this problem, because it is often a large sexual organ that gives men confidence and attractiveness.

Is it possible to somehow correct this situation and how to increase the male penis? On the Internet you can find a bunch of articles with folk methods for increasing, links to the purchase of various drugs, creams, and even various prayers and conspiracies for the growth of virility. But if all, even the most adequate and seemingly effective methods work, you need to understand in more detail.

Non-surgical methods

There are many different methods, some of them are so absurd, especially prayers and conspiracies, that it is foolish to consider them. It makes sense to consider the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the practical result of more or less adequate methods of penis enlargement.

  1. Massages and jelqing.The essence of this method lies in the acupressure of the male genital organ. The hand moves from the base of the penis to its head, trying to hold back ejaculation. It seems that there is nothing complicated and terrible, but such a massage can cause pain and change the shape of the penis. Additionally, scars may form after such exposure.

    In some countries, this technique is used by about 10 boys. It is difficult to talk about the effectiveness of this method, because scientists and doctors confirm that massage can increase blood flow in the genitals and, because of this, you can get an increase in size, but the effect will not last long. Basically, the penis will simply swell for a while due to increased blood flow. Perhaps, if you have been doing such a massage since childhood, it will make sense, but again, it is very dangerous for the health of the male genital organs.

  2. Vacuum pumps.Regarding the effectiveness of this method, most observers and experts who have conducted such studies recognize the visible positive effect. Indeed, with the help of vacuum pumps, if you use them constantly and at the same time have constant sexual intercourse, after a while you can notice an increase of a few centimeters in length and a few millimeters indiameter.

    But if we come to the safety of this method, then opinions differ, one of the scientists claims that men's health does not suffer in any way, but rather improves erection. Other scientists, on the contrary, say that over time the erection worsens. The effect of this method is also not eternal, if you stop using it, the dimensions will return to their place. Vacuum pumps can also damage blood vessels and the mucous membrane of the penis.

  3. "Bars and Dumbbells".How to enlarge the penis with weights. There are many types of such weighting agents, there are not even just weights, but whole structures that are fixed on the penis, but no matter how they look and design they would not havenot, the principle is the same. They remove manhood because of gravity. This method promises up to 3 centimeters of increase, but in return there is a big risk of seriously injuring the structure of the penis.

    Modern ways to help a man increase his penis

    Scars can form on it, which will change the shape of the penis during erection and create painful sensations during intimacy. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this problem.

  4. Extender.Many confirm the effectiveness of this method, but this effect is achieved only after a long period of continuous wearing and correct use of the extender. It consists of 2 rods, which are located between the base of the penis and its head. These rods are gradually and very gently moved apart over time, so that the penis is stretched and after a long time without surgery, if everything is done correctly, you can see more than a few centimeters of the existing size.

  5. Creams.How many advertisements for penis enlargement creams are found daily on the internet. How are they praised, but is it real or just a publicity stunt? All creams are different, and among them it turned out that there are quite effective ones. Some are really able to enlarge the penis, but again only for a while, and the effect usually lasts no more than 6 hours, this is again caused by increased blood flow.

    As a result, 1. 5 centimeters will be added to the existing size, then they will not stay with the man for long. Experts also warn that these 1. 5 centimeters can be very expensive to pay, and not even with money, but with your health. Usually such creams have a simply explosive composition and can cause allergies to chemical burns. So it's probably not worth it.

  6. The impressive size of the penis makes every man proud
  7. Hormonal interference.Some are convinced that if you inject testosterone or drugs that contribute to its production, it will positively affect the size of the penis. Experts say it's a complete myth, hormones and similar drugs can only affect the quality and duration of an erection, and only once.

    Scientists also warn that if you get carried away with such doping, you can completely lose your erection. Many athletes and even those who just go to the gym know that if you inject a drug that helps build muscle mass, and these are the same hormones, then you can completely go without an erection for some time.

    You should also pay attention to the fact that such injections often have serious consequences and side effects, they can provoke the development of not only impotence, but also many other more serious and dangerous diseases. Up to the partial and even complete amputation of the penis.

  8. Lipofilling.This method requires medical intervention and, as a rule, not once, but twice. With this method, fatty tissue is injected under the skin of the penis, the effect can be seen immediately after the procedure, but it will not remain for long, after a short period of time the fat will begin to dissolve, and the mostoften it happens unevenly, because of this, irregularities are formed in the penis, which can only be corrected by surgery.

If you follow and analyze all the non-surgical methods, you will notice that they bring more trouble than good. Therefore, it is better to first discuss the problem of dissatisfaction with your penis size with a psychologist and a sex therapist. Perhaps not everything is as scary as it seems, and dissatisfaction is only caused by prejudice or the inability to use what is correctly. If such assistance does not bring results, it is better to decide on surgical intervention.

Surgical intervention

The operation to increase male dignity always begins with a conscious desire of a man, he comes for a consultation and tells the doctor about his experiences and desires. Of course, the doctor conducts an initial examination and, based on the result of the consultation, draws conclusions whether an enlargement operation is really necessary or a problem in the subconscious and some psychological aspects.

Which, of course, is reported to the patient and describes the further development of events. In addition, the doctor must necessarily compare the patient's expectations and the expected result and point out any discrepancies. If the patient agrees to the operation, he must pass the necessary tests and follow the doctor's recommendations to prepare for the operation.

Ruler for measuring the male penis

Surgery can increase both the length and the diameter of the penis. The operation to increase the length - ligamentotomy is simpler and safer and most often justifies expectations. The essence of the operation is to cut the ligament to increase the angle between the pubis and the penis. This allows the member to visually move forward and lengthen.

In order to increase the efficiency of the operation and minimize the discomfort after the operation, doctors insist on wearing a stretcher before and after the operation, they also prescribe drugs that have a beneficial effect on stretchingfabrics. The entire period of preparation and rehabilitation lasts about 3 months. The operation itself to increase the penis takes about half an hour.

To increase the diameter, more effort is needed and not only, so few dare to do so. This can be done in two ways, one more interesting than the other. First: most popular, the increase is due to the addition of the patient's muscle tissue. The material is taken from the back or rectus abdominis and transferred to the genitals. In fact, the removed fragment is wrapped around the organ, after which the blood supply is restored by suturing the vessels.

After such an operation, the patient needs bed rest and rest for 5-7 days. The second way: dermal fat flaps are used from the groin area, again from the patient himself, and superimposed along the corpora cavernosa. This operation is not so scrupulous and is easier to perform.

There may be some discomfort in the penis after enlargement surgery.

Medicine does not stop, which is why silicone implants were also invented for men. They are made strictly individually for each man, this method is the safest. Each doctor is obliged to tell about all types of operations that the clinic can offer, depending on the technical equipment, but also a specialist, depending on the result of the tests and the expected results, can advise one or moreother method at its discretion. He must also warn of all risks and side effects, if they may occur.

Operational risks

At first glance, each of the operations is not very dangerous and seems easy, but each surgical procedure has its share of risk. And that needs to be considered before you go into surgery and put your holy of holies under the knife. In addition, each operation can lead to complications, which must also be taken into account. For example, if the operating physician damages an artery, the patient will remain helpless. A good doctor must warn of all the risks and explain and tell everything carefully.

In order to reduce the risk of complications and any risks, it is necessary to approach the choice of a clinic competently and responsibly, be sure to study reviews, and not only on the website of this same clinic, talkalso with the doctor, if possible, find out about the condition of the technical equipment of the clinic. About the doctors who will perform the operation, assist and monitor the patient after the operation.

Surgery can actually increase penis size

For every man, short stature is a very painful topic, even if a successful operation was performed, men prefer to keep silent about it and do their best to hide it. If it is important to the patient that this fact remain secret, a clinic must be found that guarantees anonymity to its clients. In addition to physical complications, one should also not experience psychological discomfort.

But the phrase "we guarantee anonymity" in advertising is not yet a guarantee, so when consulting a doctor, you need to be careful whether he refers to his patients, whether he names them. You can also indicate in a personal conversation that anonymity is very important to the patient.

In addition, each patient who ventures into such an operation must be prepared for the fact that the result may not coincide with his expectations. Of course, the doctor must describe in detail what will happen and how it will happen, he must definitely indicate where and what traces will remain. But the operation may not go as planned at any time due to the physical characteristics of the patient.

Therefore, first of all, agreeing to the operation, the patient should be aware that everything does not depend only on the doctors, there are many factors that can change the expected result and make it completely different.

Big dick after applying effective methods to increase size

Again, rehabilitation is different for everyone, and it also heals in different ways, you may need to be patient before the result becomes visible.

It is impossible to enlarge the penis by traditional methods. Yes, the settings may change minimally, but you certainly cannot expect drastic changes. The only effective way to enlarge the penis is surgery. But it is fraught with serious complications and side effects, so only a few men decide on it. And home penis enlargement methods can lead to injury and even erectile dysfunction. If you are categorically not satisfied with the size of the penis, use a special nozzle on the penis during sex. It will bring a lot of new sensations to you and your partner. And remember the erogenous zones: they are responsible for pleasure.