Experience of use Gigant

Review and experience of using Gigant gel by Peter Delon from Stockholm.Experience with Gigant Gel by Peter Delon, Stockholm

I have always been concerned about the size of my penis. It's only 14 centimeters long - not quite tiny, but far from a cause for pride. I was hoping that with the onset of sexual activity, I would understand that penis size for girls is not so important. But, unfortunately, this did not happen, they did not say anything to my face, but I still noticed their disappointment after sex.

I consulted a sex therapist, having learned about my problem, he offered me a new natural remedy for improving male strength - Gigant. According to him, the Gigant gel has an amazing effect, it causes a fairly rapid enlargement of the penis.

Since the only alternative was surgery, I decided to order Gigant Penis Enlargement Gel and I can say with confidence - I didn't lose!

Based on the experience of use, I can say that the use of this remedy also delays the climax well and ensures a long sexual intercourse.

How best to use - from experience

Here is how to properly use and apply this Gigant potency enhancement gel:

  • Apply in small portions externally along the entire length of the male organ;
  • You can also do this with a partner to increase intimacy;
  • Do this 30 minutes before sex and you will be in great shape.
  • Repeat this procedure daily to consolidate the achieved effect.

It works great, just half an hour and you are completely ready for intimacy with your partner. But in addition to the immediate result, after a week you can already notice an increase in penis size. A month later I measured my penis - it grew by 3 cm in length and a centimeter in thickness! Now I feel much more confident in relationships with the opposite sex. I can recommend the drug to any guy unsatisfied with his manhood, just one month of using Gigant is enough to drastically change the situation!