Instructions for use Gigant

Directions: How to use Gigant Gel:

Gigant gel causes persistent and rapid penis enlargement. Each package contains instructions for use.

The drug has an effective effect:

  • Active components increase girth and size, awaken male potency, fill every cell with energy;
  • Increase stamina, stimulate urogenital functions, increase testosterone release, increase blood circulation;
  • Eliminate premature ejaculation, delay orgasm, increase the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • They restore elasticity and strengthen the tissues of the head of the penis, which ensures full sexual intercourse.

The drug improves the functioning of the prostate, relieves overexcitability, gently lowers the threshold of sensitivity to the most excitable points of the penis. This contributes to a pronounced prolonged effect.

How to use the intimate gel

how to use Gigant for penis enlargement

Directions: Use before sex. Apply a thin layer of gel to the penis, rubbing gently. Then rub into the head of the penis. Let it penetrate and feel the therapeutic effect. Before use, apply a drop of gel to a small area of skin and check for allergies.

Penis enlargement gel is intended for external use. It spreads easily on the skin, covering the area of the penis and genitals with a thin film. In case of an allergic reaction to the components, further use is not recommended.

The drug is quickly absorbed and shows a pronounced effect. Leaves no trace on clothes. Keep the drug away from children, as well as people who may show inappropriate behavior. Store the product in a dark and cool place.

Doctors in Hungary prescribe the gel according to indications to enhance potency and full sexual intercourse. Attention, it increases the size of the penis up to 4-5 cm in just one month of use.

Period of drug exposure

When the results and achievements of the Gigant gel become noticeable, they are presented in the table.

One week drug effect
Gel Gigant
Second The length and girth of the penis increases by 2 cm. The sensitivity of the penis also increases by 2 times, the erection becomes more powerful and longer.
The third Your penis grows, its height reaches 3 cm, and its shape becomes anatomically correct. Sexual intercourse is prolonged by 70%.
Fourth By the end of this week, your penis is still gaining height and will increase by a total of 4-5 cm! This will noticeably improve the quality of sex and enhance orgasm, which will reach 5-7 minutes!


It is not recommended to use the gel with an individual intolerance to the ingredients included in the composition. The drug should not be used in contact with a pregnant woman, during lactation. You should also avoid getting the gel on the baby's skin through the hands with which the gel was applied. Be aware of these contraindications.

The composition does not include synthetic components. Gigant contains only natural ingredients. Tests passed successfully in the laboratory, clinical trials.